The Yoga Collective One-Year Membership WINNERS Announced

The Yoga CollectiveW I N N E R S


The two winners of the one-year membership to The Yoga Collective's online yoga studio are:


Erin Bassett




Congratulations to you both!

Hilary, please send me your email address when you get a chance so that I can send you the membership information. Erin, I have your email address from your comment so expect an email from me as soon as I finish posting this. I hope you both enjoy your membership at TYC and wish you a wonderful yoga journey.

A big thank you to The Yoga Collective for this exciting opportunity.

30 Days of Yoga & A Yoga Giveaway

I made a promise to myself  5 weeks ago, when I was doing all of that laying around in bed all the time because it was about the only thing I could do while recovering from surgery, that when I was given the medical go-ahead that I would commit to 30 days of yoga... nourishing and wonderful yoga. About two weeks ago, I was declared officially out of the post-op phase (yay!) and able to do things that felt like me again.

Yes, now I could lift more than a container of OJ. I could go grocery shopping on my own. I was able to start exercising again. Instead of jumping into my hardcore, high impact, high intensity interval training I eased back into it. I gave myself permission to start with 25 minute yoga sessions... with restorative yoga helping to bring me back into my body. 

Today, I'm on DAY 15 and have worked my way up to a 60 minute practice... though most of my sessions have been 30-45 minutes and they feel just right at the moment. My body and my mind have never felt so good. This has been a great reminder to do more things like this that truly serve to expand my experience and nourish my body.

One of the tools that has helped me in getting back on the mat is The Yoga Collective's online yoga classes. 

I enjoy the convenience of having access to an online yoga class with which I can follow along for when I don't feel like creating my own mat session. Hello (!!), yoga in my pajamas with a messy ponytail? Yes, please! Plus, when you're short on time, saving the time driving to and from a yoga studio can be time better spent on the mat. I feel the same way about belonging to a gym, which is why for the past 20+ years I've been a dedicated home exerciser.

The Yoga Collective website has different levels of classes, ranging from beginner to advanced, and what I found helpful is that they have a wide variety of class lengths. With just getting back into the swing of things, I found that it better fascinated my healing and state of mind knowing I could start off with shorter classes rather than have to attend a local, full-length yoga class which lasts anywhere from 75-90 minutes. That would have been too much too soon for me and I would have felt depleted and defeated, for sure.

The TYC site has free yoga videos that demonstrate many of the foundational yoga asanas/poses which is a big help if you're looking for form pointers for a particular pose or looking for a visual reminder of poses to practice when you have some time in your day.

Another facet of their site that intrigues me but that I haven't used yet, is their pranayama (breath practice) videos. These are super short - 10 minutes - and so easy to fit into even the busiest day. 

I always find that I can learn something in almost any class, in person or online, and this was no different. Sometimes it's the way a teacher will cue a pose differently, introduce a concept in a way I have not thought of, or create a neat transition from one pose to another... all add to my own yoga experience and make me a stronger yoga teacher so this has been a fun yoga trial.

The Yoga Collective is even offering two of my blog readers a FREE 1-year membership to their site so be sure to comment below why you would like this membership by Thursday, June 4 for your chance to win.

Disclaimer: I was contacted by The Yoga Collective to see if I would be interested in a trial membership to sample their online yoga class library and get to know their service so that I may share my own sincere and honest thoughts here. All options and thoughts are my entirely own. I only tell you, my readers, about things that I actually use and enjoy and think that you might also.


I've been sharing a photo each day my yoga  journey back to health and wellness on my Instagram feed (and sometimes I've even remembered to put them to Facebook too). Here are snippets from my mat lately.



Day 2/30 From my evening yoga session #30daysofyoga #childspose #balasana #yoga

A photo posted by Lisa Cohen (@lisamcohen) on May 15, 2015 at 6:00pm PDT


Day 9/30 40-min hip-opening #yoga sequence today. #30daysofyoga #BaddhaKonasana #CobblersPose

A photo posted by Lisa Cohen (@lisamcohen) on May 22, 2015 at 6:08am PDT


Day 11/30 #30daysofyoga #yoga LoveSac photo bomb

A photo posted by Lisa Cohen (@lisamcohen) on May 24, 2015 at 7:15am PDT


Day 13/30 #30daysofyoga #yogibaker #yoga #warriorI #VirabhadrasanaI #yogabasics

A photo posted by Lisa Cohen (@lisamcohen) on May 26, 2015 at 11:08am PDT

Don't forget to comment below for your chance to win!

A Blessing of Bread Home Bake-Along - Breadsmith Challah as Pan Loaves

Breadsmith Challah Crumb

I decided to bake last week's Breadsmith Challah in 2 loaf pans so these could serve as bread for my family's sandwiches for the upcoming week but it was so airy and delicious - and the kids must have been ravenously hungry that day when they got home from school - because the one loaf that I left out on the counter didn't even make it to the dinner table. I had to keep a slice back, with dire warnings of repercussions if these dare be eaten, so I could have a piece to hand to Mike when he arrived home from work, no doubt ravenous too.

Breadsmith Challah Fluffy

It was fluffy like the fur of a new puppy... so much so that it immediately had to be rubbed against her cheek when she took hold of it.

BreadSmith Challah Braided Before Proof A Blessing of Bread Club Maggie Glazer

Good thing I saved a loaf and put it straight into the freezer once it had thoroughly cooled (and I saw how hungry those kids of mine were). 

BreadSmith Challah Proofed A Blessing of Bread Club Maggie Glazer

It's good to have a loaf of challah in your freezer. You never know when you have a challah emergency day. A day where someone might be cranky or moody... where challah is sure to save the day. You do know that challah has magical powers, right? 

I think I messed up and accidentally used all-purpose flour, and not bread flour as the recipe calls for, because my braids didn't hold shape but rather melted into themselves. Michelle's (@thelavenderbakery) loaves held their shape beautifully and distinctly, which is why I'm thinking I goofed.

BreadSmith Challah Baked A Blessing of Bread Club Maggie Glazer



This was the first time that I used the sheeting/rolling out of the dough ball that will become a strand in the challah braid, rolling it up lengthwise like I do cinnamon buns and then rolling it out to be the length I need. I made a super-short IG video too...


I'm happy to have messed this one up a bit and it'll be a pleasure to have another go at this loaf. Not all mistakes are bad. But all are points for curiosity and learning.



Bread Club Pan de Calabaza

This week's A Blessing of Bread home bake-along is the Pan de Calabaza, a Sephardic pumpkin bread, or sweet potato bread, if you're choosing to go that route as I am. This loaf is also flavored with cardamom and ground ginger and lightly sweetened with sugar. Should be a good one. Thank you, Michele for picking it this week! I hope you, my lovely readers, will join us over on Instagram and tag both Michelle (@thelavenderbakery) and I (@lisamcohen) when you do and post your own photo, as well as include the following hashtags, #aBlessingofBreadClub #PandeCalabaza  so we can find your loaves when we go searching for them. Happy Baking and have a great week!