Original Paintings for Sale

I've created a little place for us where flowers are always vibrant and thriving... even when the days are short and the nights are cold. Let's just say it's my way of coping with late fall and the upcoming winter. 

I have a handful of original paintings available for sale and hope to replenish this supply in the future. 

Please visit MY NEW ART PAGE for more information. Hand-painted, original art makes a unique holiday (or anytime) gift for those special people in your life. 

Below is a peek at what's currently available. Sign up for my newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings.




Abstract Field of Flowerssmall 

Abstract Field of Flowerssmall             


A big thank you to my friends, family, and the amazing internet community for all of your emails and texts of encouragement asking if/when I was going to be selling some of my art.



7-Day Vegan Challenge

Life is in the Details 7-Day Vegan Challenge


Today, I started a 7-day vegan challenge in support of a dear relative and friend who had heart surgery last week and whose cardiologist suggested she switch to vegan eating for her health and longevity. This is very out of her comfort zone and I thought it might be an easier transition if she had some friends along for the ride.

I did some quick meal planning last night and made a few modifications to what I originally planned out for the week to accommodate these new changes. If anyone wants to join in on the 7-day challenge, please consider yourself invited!

I'm posting my tentative meal plan for the next week below to help encourage and inspire others who are looking to try going vegan for a week (or just to get started eating more healthfully). Needless to say, the menu plan is subject to change and I'll update it as I go along.

I'd love to hear your thoughts if you are joining me or if you've done this before.

Berry Basil Smoothie with Kale
Avocado Toast with Dukkah, Sweet Corn Soup (made without the dairy), Mixed Green Salad with Cucumbers & Tomatoes + Balsamic vinegar
Zucchini, Broccoli, Carrot, Sesame Stir-Fry with Fried Rice + Soy Ginger Sesame Sauce
Popcorn, nectarine
Overnight Oat & Chia Layers Mason Jar with Nectarines
Smoky Tortilla Soup with chickpeas, cilantro + avocado (from Sprouted Kitchen's Bowl + Spoon made without butter)
Chickpea and Roasted Red Pepper Salad with Quinoa
Peanut butter + bananas + mini chocolate chips
Blueberry Pie Oatmeal
Brown Rice Sushi & Greens Rolls
Refried Beans and Avocado Quesadillas with side salad
Dark chocolate + popcorn
Nectarine Cinnamon Smoothie
Lentil Quinoa Stew with Lots of Kale (Isa Does It)
Spicy Black Bean Soup (Cookie + Kate)
Chocolate Chia Cherry Pudding with more cherries (Blended Cherry Chocolate Chia Pudding)
Avocado Toast with Shichimi Togarashi
Homemade Pizza Friday - Artichoke Pesto + Cauliflower
Almond butter + bananas
Green Smoothie (with oats, kale, maca powder, + nut butter)
Lentil Quinoa Stew with Lots of Kale (Isa Does It)
Jessi's Birthday - Sweetwater - Mixed Greens Salad + let's be honest: FRIES. They have the best French fries!
Dark chocolate
Avocado Toast with Dukkah
Roasted Cauliflower + Leek + Quinoa + Navy Beans/Lentils + Romesco Bowl (recipe to come once I create it)
Date Night Out - Thai Ka Prow Veggies & Soft Tofu
Dark chocolate


As I was looking through my recipes a bit more I came across others that I'd like to add in somewhere if I can run to the store/find the time to make these:

  • Kelsey'sShiitake Bok Choy Dumplings(these are great!)
  • Summer Rolls (Rice paper wrapped around thinly sliced red cabbage, cucumber, carrots, and avocado with peanut nutter/sunbutter (for my little guy) dressing.
  • Socca with Roasted Summer squash with toasted sunflower seeds
  • Black Bean Enchiladas with Cashew Lime or Avocado Sauce
  • Black Bean Quinoa Burrito Bowl (Isa Does It)



My vegan cleanse went pretty well and the night I thought would be most challenging (Friday Pizza Night) was actually one of the best pizza nights ever and I didn't miss the cheese at all. I felt really good throughout the week and didn't feel weighed down at all... but I did miss cheese by the last day and was happy to be able to sprinkle some on my quesadilla during the following week's Mexican Night... even if it wasn't that much.

Bottom line: This was a spur-of-the-moment decision. I would have been happier with my food choices had I thought about this a few days in advance of my regular food shopping trip so I would have had more time to plan and stock up on things rather than have to make meals with what I had in the house and change up my meal planning. I'm already vegetarian, so this was easier for me than it would be for those that aren't... the challenges for me were cheese and eggs. I don't eat a ton of cheese but do like a sprinkle of goat cheese or feta on my salads and I'll sometimes eat an egg for breakfast, so those were what I missed the most, not surprisingly. I would definitely try this again and it was for a wonderful cause. I'm happy to report that my great aunt is doing well and is still on her vegan diet, following her doctor's orders and her latest blood work came back with great results (even two months later).


This Sunday is National All or Nothing Day

Flowers Walking Meditation

This Sunday, July 26, is my mom's birthday. She's an amazing lady who raised me as a single mom and worked multiple jobs as I was growing up. She showed me every day what unconditional love and support is all about. She didn't care much for material things but it was the people in her life that mattered. She had a solid group of friends and always spent weekends at my grandparent's house with family. Even today, she most appreciates the simple things in life and is the person whom I can thank when I think about the importance of finding contentment in life and living within your means. Big HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes to my mom! Love you so much!

Did you know that this Sunday is also National All or Nothing Day? I didn't. I heard about from Heather Von St. James. She was diagnosed with a rare, aggressive cancer called mesothelioma about 10 years ago and still thriving today, after surgery and treatment. She chose to use this day to celebrate life!

I'm all for that and think that any time we can take some time to contemplate and reflect on our life as a way of living life with purpose and intention is time well spent.

Is there something you've wanted to start or learn? Maybe you want to learn to play the guitar or pick up that paintbrush again. Maybe learning a new language interests you or consciously spending time with your loved ones.

Perhaps there's an unfinished project you've been putting off that you'd like to get back into.

Take some time to reflect on what it is you'd like to do and then use this day as the launching pad to finally take that first (or next) step.

It doesn't have to be a big step... but make it something meaningful to you. Something that will make a difference in your life or in the lives of others.

It's often many small steps, that when put together, lead to something BIG. 

For me, these last few years have been about simplifying my life so that I have more time for the things that I LOVE. That's meant saying no to things that were just okay things in my life - or some things I was doing because I felt I should. We all have had those should things.

The less clutter you have in your mind, and on your calendar, and in your closet, and in your pantry equals more time freed up for that which you what you want to say a big YES!

I am recommitting to this project... not just in the physical decluttering aspect, but in the mindlessly browsing social media when I'm just bored or tired. Instead, I will find something creative when I'm bored and actually rest if I am tired. That makes perfect sense when you write it and read it back out loud. But it's hard to actually DO because it's just so easy to hop on Facebook and read about what people are up to (or let's be real... what their kids or pets are up to). And then, BOOM, an HOUR vanishes just like that. I'm tired of doing this and I just want to stop. So I'm going to choose this day to take begin my break from mindless social surfing.

Sunday will also include a wonderful yoga session (of course). Yoga and walks are what keep me going and keep me grounded.

I'm also going to finally nail this Ka Prow recipe I've wanted to learn how to make, going on a few years now. I'm making it my mission!

What will you be doing this Sunday? I'd love to hear your intentions for this day: what you might be saying NO to, as well as what you'll be saying YES to.

Happy weekend!