Donna Downey - Week 19
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Self-Portrait Challenge

This is me....
i dream , i create, i am a perfectionist, i get frustrated when i can't be as good as i want to be, i am in entrusted with the lives and well-being of others, i am creative, i am kind, i get cranky when i'm hungry, i cry and feel better after, i am down-to-earth,i strive for the elusive balance, i crave delicious food, i have routines, i have a thirst for knowledge, i like to try new things, i like to make things, i like to cuddle, i feel.

Here's me playing around with the tripod and taking a self portrait for the Self Portrait Challenge with NO makeup because that's how I usually am - and I also didn't do any skin retouching... all those marks, and crevices, and freckles are all mine... collected over moments and days and years. This month's theme is Introduction - so it's a great time to get started if you've always wanted to play along like me! Then I took the photo and played around in PS real quickly. Trying not to think but do what I wanted without censoring... hence why it's so simple. I used a layer masks in PS on my photo later to "cut-out" some swirlies and circles brushes (for the scalloped edge I used a hard-edged circle brush at 100% opacity and spaced it out to around 100% and brushed away while holding down the shift key to get a straight line. For the swirlies some were at 100% some were at reduced opacity).

I took a bunch of photos but it was hard because I felt a lot of the time I had to still keep my hand on the button (I don't have an automatic shutter button attachment thingy)... if I put the camera on auto and then used the self-timer then things were often out of focus... any ideas on how to move past this annoyance?? :-)