Recipe + vacation & VDay gift thoughts
Happy Valentine's Day morning

Green stuff (smoothies, seedlings, & avocado)

This is a quickie post because we just got home from our friends house (thank you Scott & Tiffany!!) and are getting ready to meet back up with them for a date night! WAHOOO! I still can't smell or taste anything - this cold is kicking my butt - but everything is better with FRIENDS!

Here was a green smoothie that I had for breakfast (didn't feel like eating since I my taste buds aren't fully functioning - torture for a foodie - but I knew I should eat something packed with good stuff). Love the bright green color.

Loaded with spinach, kale, apples (the green ones left over from our apple tasting the other day which I haven't yet posted about - oops!), a frozen banana, plain almond milk, some vanilla extract, and a sprinkle of ground cinnamon.




I planted some seeds today: mache, lovage, and a salad mix.


Cute little sorrel seedlings.

Watercress seedlings. I love how each variety of seedlings is completely unique. Arugula is completely different from basil which is different from tomato which are different from pepper. 

The guacamole I made to bring over to our friends house for our Mexican lunch. Yum (at least my taste testers told me that it was yum)!