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Digital Scrapbook Layout: Balance (One Little Word 2011)

OLW 2011 Balance_small

I mde the above digital scrapbooking page last month to give some visual weight to my One Little Word for 2011: BALANCE. Although this is a photo of me working on my physical balance (gotta love that self-timer), which I've been more consciously focusing on than in the past (still working through some challenges from my foot surgery ~2 years ago), this year's journey hasn't only been external. The decluttering I've been working on in my closets, on my calendar, and in the people I choose to surround myself with has helped to not bring forth a more minimalist look but it's also helped to achieve some inner peace which spills over into allowing more time and space to other things. Sometimes those things are the gifts of stillness. Sometimes those things are the gift of time to fill with things that I really want to do (instead of the things I think I should do). I have been enjoying LIVING with this word so completely and have seen the profound results of doing so, that this word has become integrated in me, is a part of me, and is now a natural extension of who I am going forward from this day. I'm not sure why this OLW experience has felt different this year, all I know is that is has and for that I am grateful.

I've already started giving thought to my word for next year. Have you?

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I'm back from vacation and enjoying getting settled into the regular flow of life around here again. It was so nice to be away (and so nice, still, to be back home). I feel especially rejuventated in the creativity department from this trip. It might have something to do with all the colors and creativity we soaked in at all the Orlando theme parks we visited, or having brought some art supplies with me and allowing myself the freedom to create whatever I felt like without any judgment (we can be our own harshest critics, so it was nice to silence that inner voice), or spending time with some pretty amazing people, or it might have been spending so much time outdoors and all that fresh air. Whichever it was, likely a combination of all of the above, I'm so delighted that it's here. I invite it to stay a while in case the universe is listenening and taking requests.

I wanted to sleep in yesterday morning but found it just fine that I could keep my mind from waking up and running at full speed at 6:05am. I fought it for a few minutes but it was no use and I woke up and found that no one was awake yet (a rareity, since Ryan is usually up playing in the art room by this time) so I tip-toed downstairs for a couple of hours of uninterrupted painting time (with the new Mylo Xylito songs on repeat - I'm IN LOVE with the songs and music on this album). I worked on a sketch and an underpainting of a funky lotus flower. Today or tomorrow I hope to start adding some depth and dimension. Good stuff!!

*Some* of the to-dos on my list today:

  • workout (Check! - did Athletic Training this morning.)
  • pick up Ryan's winter antiobiotic (they have him on rotating ones starting a few weeks ago all through the winter, this time doing a new one each month, so we'll see how that goes)
  • meet up with lunch for friends: if it's Monday, it's lunch at my favorite Indian buffet (Chana masala, here I come)!
  • get Project Life up to date (photos have been printed, just need to write a few notes down)
  • pick up lawn bags (because my neighbors probably can't stand looking at my shriveled and blackened basil and tomato carcasses)
  • move a storage bin and my old business clothes out of my closet
  • find a drop cloth to put down in my art corner so I can get messy with my paints and a spray bottle of water
  • get Mike to figure out why my second EHD seems to have crashed too (he checked my primary Time Machine backup yesterday and already concluded that it crashed). This second one is one of our photo backups and my digital scrapbooking supplies backup. :-(
  • upload my photos to our family server since I seem to be exploding my backup drives at the rate of one a day. Eeek!