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Cardamom Buns with Spiced Chocolate Almond Filling

Bat Mitzvah Menu Tasting



The scene was set. Mike and I gathered on a random Thursday at a beautiful dining room downstairs from where our event is to be held later this summer to have our menu tasting for Jessica's Bat Miztvah, only 6 months in advance.

Yes, I'm very organized and like to do things ahead of time. In my defense, it wasn't just this that played into having our tasting so early. We needed to know the menu selections for our invitations which I need to get printed ahead of time because there's a fair amount of assembly that I'll need to be do before they are able to be sent out. And as you've noticed, things can get a little crazy around here without a moment's notice with two kids immersed in their activities, food allergies, a house, etc.

After the water and wines were poured and the bread was served with cute little piped swirls of butter, three salads were brought out for us to sample:

Their house salad with vegetables and balsamic vinaigrette, 


a spinach salad with pecan-crusted goat cheese, dried cranberries, candied pecans and a raspberry vinaigrette,



and a Caesar salad.


We liked components of two of these and will be combining a few of these elements to create the salad that will be served at our event. One salad was just plain gross (yeah, Caesar, I'm looking at you... but look at those nice butter poufs off to the top left!).

Then it was onto the entrées. Of the vegetarian vegetarian options there was, first,  the Layered Vegetable Napolean.



Second, was Zucchini and Yellow Squash Cannelloni Stuffed with Boursin Ricotta Filling with Roasted Tomato Coulis.

RCC summer squash canneloni

It was a tough decision, but I narrowed it down to one of these, after much back-and-forth talking out loud (to myself!), and consideration what other vegetarian guests would like best.

Mike had the omnivore choices, which he needed to narrow down to two selections:

Fire-grilled filet with Merlot demi glace 
Grilled breast of chicken with Riesling buerre blanc
Maryland jumbo lump crab cakes with scallion remoulade
Tequila-glazed salmon with warm tropical fruit salsa and roasted corn chipotle

Mike's Omni Choices







It was a tough job, but he was able to make his selections. We were both stuffed by the end of it and thankful that there was no dessert to try. Well, maybe Mike wasn't happy about that, but I was relieved.

Unfortunately, we were disappointed with most of the wine offerings. Surprisingly, the one I liked the best out of the four we tasted was their Cabernet Sauvignon. If you've been following along with the wine club that I host, you'll know what a shock this is for me. Reds are not my favorites. Big, tannin-y red wines are *especially* not my favorites. But it tasted the best. There you have it. The taste buds decided. Mike and I were in total agreement about the wines, though his liking a Cabernet wasn't surprising in the least.

We opted to have a different white for the wine service during dinner for the white wine: a Riesling. Not surprising at all. My favorite wine variety by a landslide.


One more piece of the puzzle in place for the big summer event.